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Secure & Scalable Cloud-based Solutions

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Voice, Phones, Chat, & Video, & Emergency Event Management 
from Government Approved Service Providers & Major Carriers

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State Approved Purchasing Co-ops
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Fiber, SD WAN & Network Services

We order and manage the implementation of network services.

We get the best deal on fiber and managed SD WAN solutions - at no cost to you. 

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Hardware Phones

Today's workers use their mobile phones and apps and that trend will continue with everyone moving to the cloud.

Check out all the multiple options for desktop/hardware phones as well as wireless and cordless phones, conference room speakerphones, and even headsets.

Brookside Cloud Consulting has the experience to help you get the best deal on the right solution - including hardware and cordless SIP phones.

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Omni-Channel Contact Center

Delivers the best possible Customer eXperience (CX)

Smart Self-Service & Conversational AI
AI, Automation & Analytics for Government Agencies

Multiple Options for Speech Analytics & Conversational AI

8x8 & Local Government

Local Texas government is putting in place capabilities and processes that support new workflows, new ways of working, new ways of engaging with constituents and new ways of delivering services.

8x8 offers an easy way around the normal Request for Proposal, or "RFP" process by working with one of the many approved purchasing co-ops.

8x8's X Series
 licenses brings voice, video, chat, contact center, APIs, integration to Microsoft Teams, and more along with advanced analytics that track call activity to provide feedback on how they are doing.  

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8x8 for Local Government