Titanium Payments is an Austin, Texas-based private company 
that offers a 
unlimited credit card processing at NO COST!

Imagine getting rid of the high cost of credit card processing.

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Titanium Payments Overview

1.  PCI compliance processes
a.  Titanium has a dedicated PCI administrator whose sole job is to walk merchants through the hurdles of PCI compliance. Merchants get live, hands-on support when they have a PCI question or issue. 

2. Security

a.  Titanium is PCI level 1 certified and works with about a dozen gateways, all of which are PCI level 1 certified.
b.  Titanium follows NIST CSF protocols.

3.  Payment Processing Rates and Fees

a.  Titanium offers Flat Rate, Tiered and Interchange + pricing models.
Our interchange + rates start at 0.50% for debit cards with 1% for credit cards.

4. Underwriting
a.  Underwriting is often overlooked. Titanium underwrites all $9 Billion+ of our volume in house right here in Texas. When a merchant’s money is on hold or they need to get a large transaction pushed through, they can call in and talk to a live human, here in Texas, and get it pushed through in minutes, not days. This is make-or-break for a payment platform.

5. Founder Owned/Operated
a.  Titanium is founder owned and operated. 29 out of the top 30 ISOs in this country have been bought out by hedge funds, VCs, or are publicly traded, Titanium is the last remaining privately owned large payments company.
b.  When searching for a quality Payments Partner, the people supporting your merchants are just as, if not more, important than the integration itself.

6. In-house developer at your fingertips: Titanium has a team of developers at your disposal. We offer 100 hours of free development to qualifying merchants and offer subsidized dev rates for larger projects.

Custom Solutions for your Payment Processing Needs

Cash Discount Saves Money

Cash discount is a new account type that is growing in massive popularity across the country.

This allows Titanium Payments to provide unlimited credit card processing at NO COST to your business.

Titanium Payments
 offers a CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM that allows customers to offer two prices - a cash price and a credit card price.

And you can offer people paying ACH a discount that offsets the cost of using the credit card.

Many are moving towards offering a CASH DISCOUNT for customers that want to pay the cash price which can save them some money.

Processing fees would be covered by the CUSTOMER which offsets the cost of the transaction.

Why is everyone moving to Cash Discount?

It’s simple. Switching to cash discount saves your business thousands of dollars.

Perfect for Retail & Service Industries Businesses began adopting this program in niche markets back in 2011. Now it has grown in popularity and is making a splash in the retail and service industries.

Rising Expenses
It’s not getting cheaper to accept cards...the average cost of accepting credit cards rose 26% from 2014 to 2018.

Credit Cards Are Here To Stay Cards are not going away…credit cards now make up 75% of in-person transactions!

Understanding Cash Discount

The payments industry is constantly changing; either due to regulations responding to industry trends, new technology entering the space or a variety of other reasons.

It is extremely important for business owners to stay up to date and be knowledgeable on how these changes impacts their business.
1. The Durbin Amendment
The Durbin amendment passed with the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation on July 21, 2010 and went into effect on October 1, 2011. This was considered a major loss for banks, who receive billions of dollars a year in income from swipe fees. It also empowered business owners with lower prices and the ability to offer a cash discount to their customers.

2. Cash Discount What the Durbin Amendment says on cash discount: “Merchant may offer a discount for cash or another form of payment (e.g., proprietary card or gift certificate) provided that the offer is clearly disclosed to customers and the cash price is presented as a discount from the standard price charged for all other forms of payment.“

3. Confusion in the Industry The Durbin Amendment states what a business is empowered to do, but leaves it fairly open on “how” they do it. There are two popular methods in which merchants may take advantage of Cash Discount, this causes a lot of confusion in the industry, as well as finger pointing.

Option 1: Merchants may reprice all their items in their business to reflect a built in ‘credit price’ and have an additional ‘cash price’ next to it. (ex: a loaf of bread will have it’s price displayed as the following - “Credit Price: $3.11/Cash Price: $3.00”)

Option 2: Merchants may disclose via signage and proper messaging that all products and transactions are subject to a 3.95% Service fee and that this is the standard price. Then offer a 3.95% cash discount at the register for cash-paying(or equivalent) customers. Both options abide by the rules stated in the Durbin Amendment, neither are more right than the other.

4. How Titanium does Cash Discount We have implemented cash discount both ways, option 1 & 2. In truth it is up to the merchant as to how they would like to present the program to their customer, via option 1 or option 2. Over the years, Titanium has been audited by the card brands several times and has never received a fine, legal recourse, or been told that what we are doing is incorrect. The card brands might not ‘like’ cash discount, but that doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

Make the switch today and start saving money!

Frequently Asked Questions on Cash Discounting

What will my customers say about the fee? Of the 1000+ merchants that are using Cash Discount, here is what they came back with:
1) The lower your average ticket, the less your customer will object.
2) On average 5 out of 100 customers will even mention the fee.
3) Once explained, only 1 out of 100 will object to the fee.

Is it legal? Yes, as of October 1, 2011, the Durbin Amendment went into effect.
This amendment, passed along with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, allows merchants to offer a cash discount to customers in all 50 states.

How do I explain the program? We have made this as easy as possible for you to adopt Cash Discount! We provide the signage, the verbiage and the itemized receipt to clearly and concisely explain the program .

What happens if a customer is upset about the program? If a customer is objecting to the fee, you can simply hit a skip-fee button on our cash discount terminals and the customer will not be charged a fee on that transaction and will know for next time that they should bring cash to receive the discount.

Is cash discount bad for business? Simply put, no, while we can implement cash discount for any business (Yes, even e-commerce.), you as a business owner have to think about how and when your customers pay for your product or service, what your average ticket is, and are the potential savings worth your time to switch? That said, we have clients on cash discount from restaurants & bars, brick & mortar retail, doctor’s offices, independent contractors and auto body shops to name a few!

What if it doesn’t work and I want to go back to paying the fee? Switching back to standard pricing is as simple as a pricing update and a programming update to your terminal(s). We have plenty of clients who try it for 30 days, knowing they can turn it off at any time.

However, most businesses find when they stop eating the fee and are saving thousands of dollars, they don’t want to go back to the old way of doing things!

Is Cash Discount the same as Surcharging? No. As of the making of this document, surcharging is still banned in six states(CO, OK, KS, CT, ME & MA). Think of Cash Discount as a delivery fee for a pizza restaurant, they charge a delivery fee because it costs more to deliver a pizza to someone’s residence.

BOTTOM LINE. You’re offering a discount to your cash paying customers because it cost more to accept a credit card and deliver the same product or service. Your service fee is your delivery fee.

Is Cash Discount the same as Surcharging?

NO. They seem similar which makes it confusing.

Here's the difference between Cash Discount and Surcharging:

Surcharging – Charging a customer an extra fee for paying with a credit card. This is, in essence, disincentivizing the customer to use a card.

Cash Discount – Adds a service fee to “all transactions” but applies a discount equal to the service fee if the customer pays with cash or check. This is, in essence, incentivizing the use of cash.

With Cash Discount, SIGNAGE is the key to Success

Proper signage and placement will solve 99% of your
potential hurdles when you move to Cash Discount. 

If the 1% pops up, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

1.Advertise the Discount     2.Explain the Program     3.Skip the Fee

Cash Discount Notice on Veterinarian's Office Website 

This is a real world example of a Cash Discount notice that a vet put on his clinic's website.

"Our veterinary's office values all of our clients tremendously and to show our continued appreciation for your patronage, we have decided to price all of our products and services with a “Cash Discount” payment option.

The vast majority of our clients pay with credit cards out of convenience and to earn rewards. What most people don’t understand is that businesses ultimately fund those rewards in the form of increased merchant service fees. As a result, their “cost of doing business” rises dramatically.

During this current inflationary period our supply costs have increased dramatically. So in an effort to keep our prices competitive, we have decided to price all of our products and services with a cash discount.

This means that all transactions using cash or check or even debit cards will receive this pricing, but credit cards will not. We will still continue to welcome these electronic payments, but they will incur a non-cash adjustment to help offset the additional processing fees. 

We understand some clients may not agree with our position, but we are making this change to keep our prices competitive during this inflationary period while striving to exceed expectations for your pet’s veterinary care.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued loyalty.

With warm regards,
Dr. Doolittle"

Spec's first question at check-out is "Cash, Debit, or Credit?"
At their 200+ stores they have always offered a 5% Cash Discount.

What about E-Commerce?

 E-commerce businesses can also benefit from a Cash Discount program.

While cash discount programs are typically deployed for in-person transactions, many payment gateways and e-commerce systems can accommodate cash discounts too.

But how is that possible, you may be wondering?

Cash can't be accepted online, so how can I have a cash discount merchant services program for my e-commerce store?

Although you can't take physical cash, you can offer your customers a discount for using ACH or electronic checks (e-checks) for payment, similar to how you can offer a discount for cash payers in person.

Is your current POS a POS?

Life is too short for bad POS solutions.
See if you qualify for a NEW POS from Titanium Payments.

Ready for a NEW
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Update inventory, run reports, view transactions, analyze customer activity, all in real-time from any Internet-connected device.

Pricing and Discounts
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POS Hardware

Enjoy the convenience of secure mobility with an Android-based wireless terminal.

Many of Titanium Payment customers qualify for a FREE contact-less POS terminal from Dejavoo that is cordless, works over wi-fi, 4G, and works with ApplePay/Samsung Pay.

From countertop, pin pad & wireless payment terminals to kiosks & vending machines,

Titanium Payments provides the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

Dejavoo Product PDF

Integration to Existing POS

Titanium Payments can integrate with many of the nation’s top Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions that are built for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

In most cases - depending upon volume, etc., - you can qualify for FREE all-in-one cordless POS devices!

Combine that with their wholesale pricing and you have a winning solution for your business and customers.

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Gift Cards

A simple way to increase sales, attract new customers and reward loyal customers with rewards keeping them coming back.

Custom-branded gift cards integrated into all of your point-of-sale solutions (included).

Download reports tracking how much of your sales are generated by gift cards