Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, gun detection software offers proactive surveillance to identify firearms swiftly. Integrated seamlessly with existing security camera systems, this innovative solution, developed by military veterans, swiftly detects guns, reducing response times during critical incidents.

With human-verified A.I. capabilities, it provides actionable intelligence by analyzing visual data in real-time.

Recognized by authorities for its potential in preventing gun-related violence, this technology enhances situational awareness and saves lives.

Explore how gun detection software works and its crucial role in public safety.

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Shooter Detection Systems empowers communities, workplaces to deploy gunshot detection to increase safety. SDS was created to assist in reducing the growing threat from indoor shooting incidents.

Schools, malls, airports, government and private buildings have all experienced increased shooting incidents over the last few years. In many of these cases, the delay in the time it took to accurately report and locate the shooter has lead to unfortunate consequences.

The SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System simultaneously detects gunfire and relays this information via a floor plan map, text and email with shot location. System/Sensor maintenance alerts can also be programmed to go to specific individuals via text and email.

Additional modules can be configured to automate security and notification systems such as building alarms, lights/strobes, video, access control, computer-aided police dispatch (CAD), etc.

Guardian sensors can be installed into existing building infrastructure through a flush wall/ceiling or surface mount for impenetrable structures. Guardian’s core technology was developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and by a major defense contractor who has deployed over 10,000 military-grade gunshot detection systems to Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.

These systems have saved many American and NATO Soldier’s lives. This same capability is now available to the commercial market through SDS and the system configuration is fully scalable to the area of desired coverage.


Shot Fired
Acoustic & Infrared Validation


SMS Silent
911 Dispatched

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AI in action: Enhancing school security with 

 ZeroEyes software analyzes over three billion images each day from security camera video feeds and alerts authorities within seconds if a firearm is detected.

ZeroEyes connects to existing security cameras and monitors streaming video feeds for firearms.