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Unified Communications (UCaaS) & Contact Center (CCaaS)
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State Approved Purchasing Co-ops
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Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

8x8 & Local Government

Local Texas government is putting in place capabilities and processes that support new workflows, new ways of working, new ways of engaging with constituents and new ways of delivering services.

8x8 offers an easy way around the normal Request for Proposal, or "RFP" process by working with one of the many approved purchasing co-ops.

8x8's X Series
 licenses brings voice, video, chat, contact center, APIs, integration to Microsoft Teams, and more along with advanced analytics that track call activity to provide feedback on how they are doing.  

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UCaaS for Schools!

With limited funding and overextended IT resources, schools really need help with getting the right technology for their users to communicate & collaborate.

Brookside helps public & private schools look at migrating voice and video to the cloud with the right provider with the goal to reduce complexity and save money. 

Districts Prioritize Safety & Security
for the 2022-2023 School Year

Uvalde families poised to file $27 billion lawsuit over the mass shooting in Uvalde.

The families' legal counsel says they plan to sue the Uvalde CISD, the City of Uvalde, the Uvalde County Sheriff's office as well as the Texas DPS and US Border Patrol.

The claim heavily cites a Texas House investigative committee’s July 17 report on the mass shooting that found extensive and systemic failures in the law enforcement response on both the local and the state level.

Those “faulty assumptions and poor decisions” resulted in the shooter remaining inside two classrooms with his victims for more than 70 minutes before officers engaged and killed him.

Uber & Lyft find me so why can't 911?

Every second counts.


Cloud-based Notification & Emergency Management

911inform provides full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms connecting Emergency Response Teams with Key Building Personnel on a centralized communication platform.

There's no question that knowing what is going on in the building through access to ALL video surveillance cameras combined with the ability to lock and/or unlock doors would have help reduce the number of victims in Uvalde or any of the school shootings.

Combined with options like Gunshot Detection and Weapons Detection, there is no question that  911inform would have saved several lives.

Every second counts when  there is an active shooter or someone has a heart attack and needs medical attention as soon as possible.

911inform is the only notification & security management platform that is actually connected to the PSAP 911 call center and brings together first responders and your organization to help save lives!

See how it works from the Police Car!

Over 80% of 911 Calls come through the on Mobile Phones

Cellular 911 Call Notification

After multiple cases of active shooters, we’ve learned the lockdown of buildings, floors, and key points of entry and exit is an important step in denying assailant access to any students, staff, or employees.
• Camera Integration – Integrate existing IP-based camera systems currently being used by the district. Dispatchers and on-site personnel can access live camera feeds from 911inform buildings during the emergency event. When the event is closed all camera access is removed for all parties.
• Door Controls – Integrate existing door locks allowing for remote access capabilities for first responders and on-site personnel.
• Strobe Lights – Integrate emergency strobe lights with the ability to set different light patterns based on the emergency events.
• Gun Shot Detection – Monitor sensors that can detect the sound of a gunshot to initiate lockdown events. The 911inform notification will display the floor plan approximately displaying the area of where the gunshot originated.
• Situational awareness inside the school
• Direct room intercom, monitor and paging into the school
• Door and camera control from dispatch or patrol car
• Detailed floor plan mapping
• Faculty and student location
displayed on floor plan
• Missing student indicators and tracking
• Clear Building and report possible dangerous objects on the map
• Tactical Mode to easily view the perimeter of the building
• Hazardous Material Detection
• Facial Recognition
• Weapons Detection
• Alarms

What is Kari's Law & Ray Baum's Act?

Regulations around 911 are changing and there are huge fines if you are not compliant with the latest laws & acts.

Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act are two FCC statutes will make it easier for callers to reach 911 and for emergency services to locate callers in a large facility like an office building, hotel or university campus.

Facilities with multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) provide challenges in getting help from 911, such as:

1) Securing an outside line, since MLTS often require callers to dial a number or code before placing calls.

2) Providing accurate information about the caller’s location within the campus.

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Compliance Checklist for Ray Baum’s Act & Kari’s Law

If you answered “N” to any of the questions above (aside from question 6), your PBX is likely not compliant with Kari’s Law and/or the Ray Baum's Act.

If you answered “Y” to all of these but would like to learn how to automate and validate these procedures, reducing your IT workload, as well as the additional benefits and savings obtainable by migrating to modern NextGen 911 services, contact Christie Bond [email protected] to schedule a demonstration and free evaluation of your environment.

Two time winner of the Frost & Sullivan Award for
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Self-Service Chatbots & AI
for Public & Private Schools

What is Self-Service? Student Self-Service provides students access to their personal and academic information. Students can register for classes, view class schedules, pay fees, view financial aid information, view grades and transcripts, and update their contact information.

Faculty and Advisor Self-Service provides designated faculty access to view their course sections, class rosters, and enter midterm and final grades. Advisors can view advisee information.

Employee Self-Service provides access for Time Sheet Entry, Benefits Statements, and other applications for authorized staff members including Salary Planner and Web for Finance.

Where to Get Help
 Authorized users can search the Knowledgebase or contact the Service Desk for technical assistance.  

Major Universities using Nice CXOne for Self-Service & AI 

Stimulus Funds: Available Funding Opportunities

The US Federal Government passed multiple stimulus bills for billions of dollars in emergency funding to public sector for transportation and healthcare agencies to address digital equity/ digital divide, enabling hybrid/ remote work environments, and upgrading facility networks and infrastructure in order to meet new post-pandemic requirements.